Flip-In Hair

Beautiful hair extensions

Hand made from human hair

Flip-In Hair, unlike traditional hair extensions can be worn whenever you fancy. Got a big night out? Just fit your new Flip-In Hair in less than a minute and see how it seamlessly blends with your own hair without damaging it in any way. At the end of the evening it takes seconds to remove and can be hung up in it’s protective jacket and put away until next time.

With over 80 colours to choose from we are sure to find a match for your hair whether you’re blonde, auburn, brunette or black. Choose the length that suits you in silky straight styles or soft bouncy curls and waves.

Available lengths

  • 12 inch (30cm)
  • 16 inch (40cm)
  • 20 inch (50cm)

Call me now for a consultation and let me find the right Flip-In Hair for you


Frequently asked questions

Can I wash my Flip-In Hair?

Yes, you can shampoo/cleanse your Flip-In Hair in exactly the same way that you would your own hair. However I would recommend keeping washing to a minimum wherever possible. Combing your Flip-In Hair through after use and hanging it up in it’s jacket should be enough for the majority of uses.

Simply massage the shampoo gently through the hair from root to tip before rinsing thoroughly with cool water. Try and keep the hair as tangle free as possible. This process can be repeated with conditioner.

Can I use curling tongs or straighteners on my Flip-In Hair?

Yes. As Flip-In Hair is made from 100% human hair, hairdryers, curling tongs, and straightening irons can be used just as effectively as with your own hair. I would however recommend a heat protector before using heated appliances.

I have very fine hair - can I still use Flip-in Hair?

Absolutely! As Flip-In Hair is not attached to your own hair it is perfectly suited for use on all hair types – even thinning hair.

Can I buy Flip-In Hair without a consultation?

That’s up to you, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Matching the colour of your Flip-In Hair to your own hair colour can only really be done in person. It’s really worth getting it right and it doesn’t take long!